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AnviRx Pharmacy provides traditional and tailored solutions for patient’s unique needs.

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Photo of Andy Wang Pharmacist of AnviRx in Irvine

Meet Our Pharmacy Staff

Andy Wang, PharmD

Andy holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy. Beginning his career in retail pharmacy and then medication therapy management, he enjoys the relationship and interaction with patients, and values the importance of optimizing patients’ medication treatment based on their individual needs.

At AnviRx Pharmacy and compounding, he is able to focus more on patient care and personalized medications. He is passionate in pharmacy and devoted to his patients, providing exceptional service exemplified by thorough patient consultation and ensuring only the highest quality of compounds are being produced.  

Creating customized medication in Irvine and Orange County

AnviRx is able to create custom compounded medication to meet a patient’s specific need. We invite you to learn more about our compounding services here. Are you a prescriber looking for a caring and local pharmacy to send your patients? Contact us, we provide compounding and other pharmacy services for our patients. 

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