Providing patient experience and doctor solutions.

AnviRx Pharmacy is located in Irvine, CA. We are locally owned and actively engaged in the community we serve. We provide pharmacy solutions for our patients and their prescribers. Ask us about our pharmacy compounding service.

Why choose AnviRx Pharmacy?

We offer a tailored pharmacy solution to our patients.

Relationship: Our staff strives to create long lasting relationships with all our patients and their providers. Our goal is to be on a first name basis with our patients.

Service: We provide exceptional service and take the time to answer your questions with a smile.

Hybrid Pharmacy: Not only do we provide a traditional pharmacy experience, we also provide compounding services to our patients in Orange County and Irvine.

Our Services


Save money from having better health outcomes with AnviRx.


Stay at home and receive your medications.

Med Sync

Less trips to the pharmacy, more time for yourself.


Prevent diseases before they find you.

Part D Review

Find the best plan for your needs.


Customized medication for your unique needs.

Prescriber Solutions

We can help your patients get the personal service they expect while saving money!

A positive relationship with your local pharmacist will help improve patient’s health and well-being.

  • Better compliance
  • Reduced adverse reactions
  • Better health outcomes
  • Save people money
  • Save people time
  • Someone to turn to for who really does care for your health

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